Monday, September 7, 2009

Four Days of Fun in the Sun

The Southwest Regionals are now over. Three full days and a fourth just for pairs. I'm tuckered out.

Tonight is the official end to my fitcation. I worked out nearly everyday. Did something physical every day and I am ready to have fitcation for the rest of my life. Kel isn't too thrilled with my ideas and feels that he deserves a fitcation too!

I will say that I'm looking forward to weigh in this Thurs. I expect that I lost this week. My cloths were fitting really well this weekend and I even wore a new shirt that I would not have worn normally (sorta form fitting).

Friday: Master Pairs - Q

Saturday: GP NQ - but a good run

Sunday: Mast Stand, Mast Gamble, Steeplechase - :( NQ's for all...all good runs with little mistakes.

Monday: Master Jumpers -Tazz got a Q! Fin NQ Master Snooker Q! Master Standard Q!

In my Master Standard run, I got a little behind in the end and attempted a rear cross after the teeter. I hadn't walked in that way and as I attempted it nearly got knocked in the head by the teeter! Fortunately Fin saved the day by coming to me and we finished the course just fine.

Tomorrow, off to the gym first thing in the to continue fitness even though I have to go back to work.


Marie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I just love watching Fin run.

Elf said...

Congrats on all the Qs! The courses this weekend were pretty tough.

Trish said...

Run rabbitt Run!
I knew you'd do better once you got a border collie!