Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ups and Downs

Last night, first night of USDAA regionals. Clean run. 2nd place. Pairs! Cool.

Home on a high note.

Get up 5:30am (supposed to get up at 5:15, actually get up closer to 5:36) leave house driving away at 6am. Not bad.

Get there. Do my vendor duties. 7:15am fun begins. Walk my course (only one today with both Tazz and Fin). Grand Prix.

A TOUGH! course. I don't run for a couple hours so I take both dogs for a walk. During my walk, I stop alot visuallizing how I will run the course with Fin. Come back and watch agility. LOTS of dogs going off course. Visualize some more.

Finally Tazz N I are at the start line. We are perfect through 2 obstacles and then Tazz hits the yellow of the dog walk and launches into the tunnel. I yell, "Tazzzzzzzzzzzzz!" and he smiles as he runs off course. Bummer. Rest of the run was fun and actually speedy (he did pop the poles at the end, but I was running as hard as I could to see whether he would pop...going to work on that).

Then it is Fins turn. I'm very nervous. We are clean (by a hair) through the teeter #9. Breath a second and go go go...we are clean through the A frame #14, breath and run to position. #15 clean, a really hard around the backside #16, clean...Four more to go, #17 clean...whoops, missed the entrance of the weaves #18 .... so sad. No Q. But really exciting!

Two more days. Three runs each day. Can't wait till tomorrow.

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