Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When one thing becomes another

Weekend started out great. First place Master Pairs. Yippiee ya ho.

Grand Prix - a hot mess.
Master standard - actually quite nice, but missed weave poles
Steeplechase - could have been better
Gamble - well, it was really hard (she says with a whine)

Back at the hotel had a nice frozen entre with extra veggies and rye crisp. Fruit for desert. I can not say how proud of myself I am that I did NOT go for the fast food option.

Next morning, get up and do a double take in the mirror. Hmmm. Looks like a black eye in the beginning stages. Remember that Ariel bopped me in the eye the day before and figure that's it. Seems sorta weird, but weird things happen and I go on about my bizness.

First run is gamble. One that we should have gotten. But didn't. Off course tunnel was just too tempting. I was happy with my opening but just wasn't in the best place to start the gamble.

As I leave the ring, my face feels funny (weird funny, not humorous). I walk over to the bathroom and look in the fuzzy mirror and what I thought was a black eye now looks like a huge red swollen blotch. It also hurts and itches at the same time.

I go ahead and run next in Standard. Nice opening, nice closing, screwed up the middle. Just wasn't focused. As the morning wore on, my face was getting worse.

After the standard run, packed up (thanks to a few friends) and headed home. At home I took benedryl and aspirin (had a minor fever) and promptly fell asleep. Slept the afternoon away, woke up, ate dinner, took more benedryl and back to sleep.

Monday: face is not good. Visit doctor. Basically cellulitis infection that has migrated to my lymph node. Probably caused by an insect bite, but can't find any insect bite. (Sorry Ariel, it wasn't you!). Don't do much but visit Doctor. Just don't feel well.

Tues: face is a little bit better. Still very uncomfortable. Taking meds, sleeping, drinking water and most amazing thing ever, not eating everything in site!

I'm back to the dr on Thurs, but no agility classes until I am better. Got to stay out of the sun and honestly don't feel 100%.


team small dog said...

Oh no-I wondered where you went! I hope you feel better. Cellulitis hurts-I had a horse that got it in her legs once. I mean, not that I'm saying you're a horse, but I just know her legs sure hurt!

Trish said...

are you better today?