Monday, September 28, 2009

When Good Cows Go Bad...

Sunday I decided to take a walk with two dogs and a husband. It was early (before the heat) and we were about 3/4 mile in.

There is a watering area and usually see a few cows there.

As we approached this area, I put Tazz on my right as there were alot of cows on my left. I grabbed him by the harness and my goal was to walk by the cows without Tazz trying to herd the cows. Kel walked about 15 feet in front as Fin was being a good girl while Tazz was acting like a lunatic.

As we passed one cow, I see a little baby. The thought, "oh what a cutie pie" passed by mind, and Tazz leaps out in front of me barking at the cow standing on my left. I had ahold of his harness so he didn't get too far, but the cow took offense (I understand she was trying to protect her baby). She charged me, and I tripped falling to my right letting go of Tazz as I hit the dirt. All I saw was cow head and cow hoofs and nose snot...lots of nose snot...I was way too close to the nose snot... She was making all kinds of snorting sounds and I also heard Kel saying, "oh no, oh no!"

Then Tazz jumps over me landing on my legs putting himself between me and the cow. Kel says he actually tried or did bite the cow on the nose, but I didn't see any of that I was just trying to get up and out of there!

We did escape getting hurt and continued on walking but Tazz was on major restriction.

Ok, so here's the deal. Do I celebrate my hero? It is very possible that he saved me from getting trampled ... but on the other hand, he is also responsible for getting me into the situation in the first place.


Trish said...

With Tazz, ... ummmm , maybe just focus on the positive. You know.. Any positive.

Elf said...

Yeah, like: You got a great cow photo!

Diane P. said...

Celebrate Tazz! If he kept cow drool from splattering all over you, he's my hero!

Anonymous said...

There are easier ways to get out of going to Nationals! I'm glad you weren't hurt. Reminds me not to ever go herding with Bling, he just ignores the cows on the trail. Now Sunshine she would love to take one on.