Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Fun USDAA Weekend

Spent the weekend at an USDAA trial up in Dixon, Ca. About a 2 hour drive. The trial ran smoothly and ended early. Although we had to get up early each morning, we decided to drive back and forth and sleep in our own beds. A very good decision.

Tazzie ran with his usual Tazzie speed, Sunday being the better of the two days. He really tried to be a good boy and I'm glad I took him.

Fin ran with super hot turbo speed and we did very well.

Saturday Fin got 2nd in Master Standard and a 2nd in pairs. No Q in Steeplechase (off course), Gamble (need LOTs of work here), nor Snooker (Love the tunnel! whistle).

Sunday Fin got 2nd in Grand Prix and sneaked out a Q in Snooker by getting the allotted points needed, but no more. Standard was a really nice run but a refusal at the weaves. Jumpers was a nice run but I sent her to an off course tunnel near the end of the run.

No gamble either day. I figure, they will come.

I had a great time seeing lots of familiar faces and missing a few that I usually see. I LOVED that both days ended at 3:30 for me and I was home by 6 eating dinner with my husband.

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Trish said...

We gonna change her name to Zippy!