Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wedding, House sitting, Pluto, and a Mouse Infestation

I'm leaving the dogs for four days. We are off on an adventure that involves a wedding, Pluto, and some mice.

My lovely sister has once again graciously agreed to come to the house and hang out with my dogs for the four days. I wouldn't be able to go anywhere if it weren't for her. (All be it, Kel did watch the dogs so I could do a similar trip with her a few years ago......maybe next time they'll go and I'll stay home and watch the dogs!)

Down to Los Angeles, or rather to east of Los Angeles we will go. We'll dress up, drink champagne, toast to the newly married couple, and carouse with all the other party goers.

After the wedding, Kels birthday portion starts. For his birthday he gets 4 days of fun without dogs (why anyone would want this it is beyond me, but I did marry him). Where do old farts go to relive their childhood? To Disneyland of course.

I expect to have fun, enjoy spending time with my husband, hang out, and go on a few rides.


Trish said...

All dogs will have pupppy cuts upon your return!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a Great time! You are fortunate to have a sister that will house sit and dog sit. Mine would never do that!


Anonymous said...

Big Hugs to Mickey!

Elf said...

I looovvvve Disneyland. And the 4 or 5 days without dogs is fine by me. But I am around them ALL the time, working at home.

I'm leaving for Dland Nov 4. Can hardly wait! With my new camera! It's been 2 years, about time.

Trish said...

Your Back, new blog please.

By way that little black one never stopped moving when you where gone...... NEVER!

Elf said...

I get the impression that Trish is a big fan. ;-)