Monday, February 15, 2010

Excellent Adventures

Tazzie is now a herding dog. Seems to make him happier. He even gave me a Gamble Q in USDAA Agility this weekend. I couldn't be more pleased.

Today we went out to visit our friends "the sheep." Sheepies still don't have 100% confidence in me and are not sure Tazzie is going to be a good dog, but we are getting there.

Thanks to my friends Susan and Kraig Paulsen, I believe I have found the perfect instructor. A quick 40 minute drive there and in an hour/hour and half Tazz and I get lots of opportunity to learn. Tazz (of course) knows more than me, so I'm working to catch up. Tazz also has "my number" and is less fazed by my pressure than other people. But we are getting there.

Today I had 4 times with Tazz and the sheep. I feel one I actually was pretty ok. One was total chaos and the other 2 just ok. Tazz had an opportunity to train with our instructor (the last run of our hour). Tazz was quite good for him and it was nice to end the day watching what I should be doing.

The following three videos are actually one session:

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