Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

First the Good. This weekend Fin and Tazz both Q'd in Gamble. Tazz on Sat and Fin on Sunday. Tazz also Q'd in Steeplechase. Tazzie was on his best behavior and would have Q'd in Standard if not for the darn table.

Fin's Gamble on Sunday.

Tazzie Gamble Saturday.

The Bad. Fin has recently found her inner herder. She is into chasing me and realizes that if she goes around stuff it feels SOOOO good. We all have our little addictions and we all have to kick the habit. Fin is no excepttion. Now, I will take responsibility for some of her "go around" as I perhaps am not indicating the turn soon enough. However, not all is my fault and the two of us have had better "sync" in the past and we'll get through this little training challenge together. Even with all this "go around" behavior she is still a superstar.

The not so bad, Tazzie Standard Sunday.

The addicted, Fin Standard Saturday.

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