Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's an Adventure for Sure

Evidently had a minor virus. Didn't really have any symptoms except for vertigo and thick head. Better today but still a little thick. Not going to the doctor. Got too much to do and they won't have anything to give me anyway. If still wobbly tomorrow will break down and visit the doctor.

Fin does not care that mom can't walk down the hall without touching it. She wants EXERCISE now.

Spent the weekend doing some clicker tricks stuff and sitting on the ground and tossing the toy for each dog.

  • Fin gets the toy brings it back, drops it and ready for another.
  • Maddie chases the toy, grabs it, drops it, barks at me.
  • Rocky get the toy brings it back and then stands just out of reach chewing on it.
  • Tazz gets the toy brings it back lets me take it, but gets tired of running after it after two tosses and looses the ball.

Such is the life of 4 shelties.

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