Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Rain is Coming Back

I guess I have to admit it is winter. Sometimes living where I live I can pretend that winter doesn't exist.

The rain is coming, not sure how heavy it will be, but I will say that my lawn is not dry from the last group of storms. Very slippery back there. We still have fun, but not doing much agility in the back...way to slippery.

What do we work on?
  • Find it games - I make everyone stay and toss the ball in the bushes and plants. They go find it. This is a fun game and I will use up to 3 balls. EVERYONE likes this game.
  • Ground work - I'm taking advantage and working my circle work with both Fin and Tazz. What I'm finding is that we are real rusty and it is a good thing
  • Tricks - working on tricks. Rollover is looking good. Hide your nose coming along. Grab and wrap, not so much. New one, bring me a specific toy...just starting.
  • Walks - walking is great for me and them. Lots of walks.

I practice walking calmly, not reactive (this is an on-going problem for me). Fin is really coming along. Tazz, well, not so much. Tazz is in BIG trouble and I'm working really hard on making sure he is calmly walking with me and not acting like a jerk.

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Anonymous said...

Cirle work...Definitely rusty for Bling and I too! I said no more ball throwing at the park, need circle work! Stay dry and have fun!