Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Taking off the Christmas Excess

I weigh the dogs about once a month. It is a good thing to monitor weight as all my shelties (except Fin) tend to pack on the pounds if you aren't monitoring it. I notice that all the dogs will weigh a little in February, as spring comes, they exercise more and weight isn't a factor. However, I still want to keep them in shape so we do monitor food intake.

Each dog handles the weight control a little differently.
Maddie is ever confused by the food shortage. She does not believe in dieting. She believes that she gets whatever she wants. She pretty much does, but not when it comes to keeping her weight in check. Right now Maddie weighs 25 pounds. I think she should weigh between 23-24 so she's gained a little over the holidays. I don't think this is a food thing, more of a I'm getting up there and wanna walk slowly thing. Starting today Maddie is getting a little extra walk each day. I think I'll walk her with Fin and see if Finny can't get her to move a little faster.
Fin generally doesn't have to diet. She can pretty much eat as much as she wants, but the scale shows her at 20.8 pounds and I really like her to be around 19. So a little bit of a diet and more exercise over the next few weeks and we'll see what happens.

Rocky can be my biggest problem. He was up to almost 50 pounds when he was 2. I asked the doctor what his weight should be at that time (he is almost 20 inches) and the doc said he was fine. Now that he is old, I know better. Rocks is in at 35 pounds today. I like him between 33-34, but 35 is fine. I think the same amount of food and just this cheery weather, and he'll be trim in a month. He is now on Rimidyl every day and he is acting more spry. More chuck-it in his future as well.

Tazz, oh you couch potato you! Tazzie just weighed in at 25. He has been on a diet since Dec when he weighed 26. I'd really like him at 23. Tazz is against all forms of exercise except herding. Tazz is going to go herding now once a week. His food is already down to almost nothing. He just needs more exercise. .
Time...I need to make more time for these guys.

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Trish said...

Finn sent me a letter with a self addressed return box for food! She sent a pick of her showing she's just skin and bones! She says rocky and tazz pants her and take what food she can get. She want's her auntie to come down and slip her chicken and doughnuts!