Monday, February 8, 2010

An Uneventful Weekend, if by Uneventful you mean packing everything you can into on weekend so you can't remember what you did.


Drive two hours, arrive at agility site. Wait. 8:15am Friend runs her two dogs. Wait. 10:15am I get to run, Yeah! Set Fin on the start line, walk out 3 jumps, she breaks her stay and we walk out. Wait. Friend gets her standard on one dog. Gotta go, can't miss OVO. Fin does not get a chance at Standard.

2pm arrive home, exercise dogs, shower, leave by 3. Watch OVO, fun. Dinner afterward. Fun but wondering why I'm out late when I have to get up and do it again tomorrow?

Sun. Drive two hours. Fin did get her two runs. Leave at 1 and come home to watch Superbowl with husband and family. Exhausted by 9pm. In bed by 10.

Fin and I were not meant to be this weekend. The good news is that on Sunday she had a start line stay. The bad news is that she was herdy, unfocused, and all about the chase. Some friends thought she might be hurting, but I think she was just over the top. She has today off from agility (walks and tricks only) we'll see how the week goes. If she acts this way this weekend, I'm going to pull her from the show and see what's what.

My opinion is that I tried to do too much in one weekend which resulted in a crazy dog. Time will tell.

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