Monday, April 5, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Zowza it was raining yesterday and last night.
Totally unexpected.

Also totally unexpected was the results from this past weekend. Tazzie was the star!

Don't be thinking I'm playing some kind of April Fools. I am not. Tazzie did REALLY well. Sunday was his best day in many years. He FLEW through the course not hesitating on any pieces of equipment. He was da' man! Ok, he really didn't fly, but for Tazzie he was super speedy and accurate and even placed 3rd in Excellent Standard. I'm hoping some of his runs were caught on video so I can share with the world. It was a proud day for sure.

Fin on the other hand. Ya know how on American Idol when the judges say, "Gosh, you really look beautiful tonight..." You know that is the kiss of death. What we got was , "Wow she is really fast ..." Let's just say it wasn't our shining moment. Fin is off to vets to rule out physical issues (eyes and body work) for her behaviors. Basically she is continuing to go around things, especially double and triple jumps.

Once I rule out physical issues, then it becomes a training issue.


Trish said...

Everyone has their moments! Maybe she wants Tazzie to look good mmmm?

Let me know what happens

Cheryl said...

I just wanted to say I've been enjoying reading your blog. I'm somewhat new to it. Wonderful to hear Tazzie really can be more than a herding dog and hope all is well with Fin.