Saturday, April 10, 2010

I thought dinosaurs were extinct.

At the vets office he said, "It feels like Fin has pulled her illiosaurous. I'm like, "illio what arous?" He said, "well, like a groin pull.

The good news is that although initially the injury presented as a knee issue, it is not the knee and with lots of rest and a planned rehab, she'll be back at it. The bad news is this takes a long time (like 6-12 weeks of long time) and can reoccur.

There are few resources out there that talk about iliopsaos strain:

I've pulled her from all upcoming trials. At this point she can only walk on leash. The good news is that Dr. Sams has said that walking up to 2 miles slowly is ok. Some dogs can't walk at all so catching it when we did is a good thing.

I'll work with a PT professional to put a plan in place and hopefully when we next see Dr. Sams he will give the ok to start back at agility.


team small dog said...

Oh no! Poor Fin! We wish her the best. We have a lot of experience around our house with sore legs and not running and walking on leashes. Everybody just gets used to it. Time will fly. That's a deep muscle and needs a deep rest.

Trish said...

she can use my crutches!!!