Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Dreams of the Insomniac

Last night was a busy night. Woke up every two hours. At 4am, fell asleep and started dreaming.

I was building a fence at a park. Had driven there with 3 other girls. My agility friends were building the fence, I knew pretty much everyone although I will tell you some people there I don't know in real life. It was an iron fence, but we seemed to be installing it like cyclone fencing (putting the posts in then stretching it out along the posts...but when finished, it was an iron fence with sharp arrow tops). In the center of the park there was a lake with some ducks.

After work for the day was done, there was some sort of "border crossing" that we had to cross to get to the house where we were staying (like going from state to state). It was my best friends mothers house (but I've never seen my best friends mothers house so it was a made up house). We could see the border from the front porch and the park with the fence beyond that.

Day two of fence building, it is late at night and I get close to the lake at the park and I realize that I can turn into a Killer whale (I know, I know). My friend comes and tells me it is time to go and we walk up the hill, cross the border and start to organize our stuff to get in the car to drive home. As we are laying out our stuff, I say we need to hurry cause the bad thing will get us.

We all start to run around bringing our stuff out of the house and lining up our things on the ground outside the car. I continue to get distressed that we are not moving fast enough and tell my friends we have to hurry "it" is coming.

Then all of a sudden stuff starts flying, people start screaming, things start crashing (very horror movie like) and here comes this guy around the corner and he is coming for us.

I'm thinking, "If only there was water I could change into a Killer Whale!" Then I woke up.

Perhaps I should not read Sci-Fi before going to bed.

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Trish said...

You got to lay off the ganga before bed!