Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Team has a Boo Boo

No agility for a while.
We went to see the Dr. and he said scary words.

Our first inclination is to put our heads in the sand and run around in circles. Denial is a true emotion.

Right now I'm assuming it is a bruise. Good news, is we found some soreness in the knee. Bad news, we found some soreness in the knee. For now we'll cancel the eye appointments. The problem is probably not the eye. Looks like right knee.

There is still joy in mudville. Fin doesn't think there is anything wrong. Ice and rest until we find out more.

No chasing around the yard. Probably we'll play lots of mind games. For me this will involve clicker training more tricks. For her it will involve driving me crazy with questions like, "can I run now?" "how about now?" "running yet?" "Ok to run?" "Soon running time?" "Hey can't I just run for 30 seconds?" etc.
Patience. Not one of her strong points.

For sure, agility in the future. Once we figure this darn thing out.


Trish said...

Let me know what Deb says.

I'll come and hold her paw anytime

Trish said...

I like the new blog look

Marie said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear that Fin is having trouble. I hope the rest helps and that she is back to her normal self soon!