Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cleaning House

The thing about cleaning house is that you get rid of all of the extra "crap" that is cluttering your life and you find some gems that you lost. A while ago I purchased some Team Small Dog artwork. I love her stuff. It came in these custom designed envelopes with little Gustavo saying nice things to my shelties. I put them next to my computer with the intent of framing them and putting them up on my office wall. That was 1.5 years ago!!!

Today I pulled them out of a pile of old bills. Grabbed the frame I had purchased so long ago, but never got around to, and put these wonderful images on my wall.

Each day as I walk in and out of my office, these wonderful images will make me smile.

Thanks Laura for this amazing gift of art. I treasure it.

By the way, you to can own a little bit of team small dog. All proceeds go to the dogs runs in agility. Click here to see other works of art by her. It looks like all of it is sold, but maybe we can get her to add some more.

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team small dog said...

I KNOW, I am so lame. I need to just rip a bunch of things out of notepads and stick them on etsy. Many dog shows coming up. Love those in the frames, it is always like seeing old friends to see my drawings again in new places!