Monday, June 14, 2010

The weekend that Tazz went 5 for 7 and I was amazed and astounded

While Fin rested at home, Tazz and I headed to Turlock, CA to participate in the first UKI trial here in Northern California. We expected 90+ weather, a small trial, and fantastic friends. We didn't expect to do well because, let's face it, Tazzie is a cool weather dog. Doesn't really like the heat. Yet, unexpectedly, Tazz brought home the bacon for the mama and Q's for both days were raining from the sky.
The dogs had cool vests on, soaked in water tubs, and in general panted alot.
What I will tell you, is we had a BLAST! The courses were challenging but fun. The trial moved along. Our small group worked hard to make the trial a success. EVERYONE worked together even though the weather was difficult, the people made the trial a success.
Starting with a new organization is not easy. You've got to learn the rules, figure the structure, ask alot of questions, and get over the newness of it all. Here is my little summary.
Day of Signups
My friend and I tested the registration process sorta by accident. I registered online using paypal. Pretty darn simple. She didn't sign up and ended up signing up day of. Also simple. It did require her to write up her own scribe sheets as well as add her name to the running order. She would hold on to her scribe sheet and give it to the scribe when it was her turn. Other than the worry that she would loose her scribe sheet or get it crumbled in her pocket, the process worked well. She got to procrastinate and still was able to enter the trial.
Scribe Sheets and Running Orders
The trial secretary does print out a running order, but as participants we are not locked into that order. When our group is ready to go, we simply grab our scribe sheet and stand in line. When it is our turn, we hand our scribe sheet to the scribe and walk to the line. It is our responsibility to be there, but if our dog is sensitive to another dog (or person), we can change our order as we hold the scribe sheet. We didn't really get to test this as our trial was small and in many of the classes, there was only one dog in a class. But the idea is a good one. I'm looking forward to the next trial to see how this works
Results and Rewards
The results are computerized. This would require the trial secretary to have a computer and printer on site to enter all of the results as they come in. I was really impressed how quickly the results were available for us to view. In one case, I had a question about the scoring, and my scribe sheet was quickly made available to me so that I could double check the results. Everything is very easy and accessible.
Rewards were given out after every class. Qualifiers were called out and we all applauded and cheered for the Q's. (Even tazzie got some cheers..his mom was so proud).
Measuring in
The UKI recognizes AKC jump height cards. USDAA yellow cards do not list the height and your dog will need to be measured if you all you have is your USDAA card. I'm not sure about CPE height cards, but the people with AKC height cards got to skip the measuring process. It really wasn't a big deal and Tazzie breezed through the measuring process.
I found the courses to be fun, fast, and challenging. Tazzies favorite was the Speedstakes. Just jumps and tunnels. His favorite. I must also mention that the Snooker Course on Sunday was especially fun. LOTS of tunnels.
They have alot of the same stuff we are used to in USDAA with twists. Gamble has set numbers for obstacles...they are always the same and is set up with two options at the easier one and harder one. You can guess which one Tazz and I chose!
Snooker is pretty much the same except that in the Senior and Championship we can only take 3 of the 4 reds (4 is never an option).
Standard agility is pretty much the same as with Jumpers with weaves.
A new class "Speedstakes" is fast and has no contacts (sorta like steeplechase without the A frame or weaves).
There are other games that we didn't have at this trial but overall, once I had my briefing, it was pretty easy to understand what would be expected.
Will I do it again?
Yep. Absolutely. A fun time and great group of people.

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Trish said...

Tazz can be fast! Dont tell anyone! He's in disguise as a slow dog!