Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The team has been busy

I know that I have not written a blog in a while. No need to remind me.

The team is taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to, like, work really hard.

Never fear, vacation is almost here. Then some freedom for a while.

In addition to the stress of work, I'm not sleeping well. It is a phase and this too will pass, but the fact is that I have weird dreams and wake up just about every 2 hours. Becoming sorta a problem. My best sleep is after 4am (this makes it hard to wake up) and usually I have some interesting memories of dreams.

This morning, the star of my dream was Team Small Dog. Little did I know when I went to bed that I would be running around streets screaming "Gustavo" "Gooey" "Gustaaaaaaavo!"

Basically in my dream I live on this property on a hill. There are bushes that seem to define the property line and a very long steep driveway...but I don't seem to have fences.

In the dream I'm napping, when I wake up, there are alot of dogs. My four, Ruby, Otterpop, and a B/W border collie (hey Laura when you getting this one). I'm thinking, "Oh cool Laura dropped off her dogs." I start looking for Gustavo and can't find him. Not too worried, I think, Laura must have taken him with her.

I find a note. Basically says, thanks. I start to panic. Fortunately, my sister Trish appears in my dream. She is on crutches but starts hobbling down this freak'n steep driveway. I'm yelling "Gustaaaaavo!" I see some people and I hear, "Oh poor little guy," and "did ya see him run?" and my heart is racing and I want to cry. People point me down the street and I'm yelling and yelling and all of a sudden my sister stops me. She quietly says, "he is there, hiding, behind the shoe shiner" (do we still have people that shine shoes?).

There he was and when he sees me he starts to wiggle and comes out of some dirty rags to crawl into my arms. The relief just flows from my body...and then the darn alarm went off

A few things I find significant about this dream:
a. I had no fences...if you know me you know, I'm a fan of a good fence.
b. Laura got herself a new BC.
c. Laura dropped off her dogs on my property with no fences and I'm sleeping...What in the heck was she thinking?

Well, to say the least, I'm exhausted. I don't need to be looking for little black dogs, lost somewhere in my mind. Ok, back to work.


team small dog said...


Thanks for finding him!!!!! He does hide in lairs. I think he is hiding under the couch right now with ALL the bones.

I WANT to get a black and white border collie. And then when I have 4 dogs including a border collie and Gustavo the escape artist and Otterpop who is mean you will be the FIRST person I think of for dog sitting!

Ruby is really, really easy to take care of!

I hope they do not give you any more nightmares! I also have Gustavo is missing nightmares, so does Gary!

I hope to not lose any of your dogs in my dreams tonite!

vici whisner said...

The funny thing is that it was so real. Like you would ever leave your dogs anywhere unfenced when the caretaker is sleeping...

Anyway, just to tell you, your BC is sweet, not a huge dog, but not too small. I'm not sure whether it was a boy or a girl, I was a little distracted by Gustavo running away. But in my dream your BC came when called. When I woke up (in the dream) Ruby and Otterpop were cuddled on the same bed at the BC.
My dogs played a minor role in the dream and mostly just took up space.
If you every ask me to babysit, rest assured, I have a great fence :)

Trish said...

I can't wait till you get to vacation! But alas, at least your dreaming of dogs and not HP

Elf said...

It's bad enough I have dreams about Tika running straight off across a road in front of traffic after something and ignoring me without having to dream about *other* people's dogs doing it. You are brave for taking that on and giving Laura a break from her dreams.