Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Day Without Dogs

Ok, not the whole day, but part of the day. Had a fab time with the girls in Monterey.
I took a bunch of photos with my little digital and some turned out pretty nice.
Lots of jelly fish. The jellies is the MOST amazing exhibit. Every time I go there, I'm astounded at the beauty. It isn't just the jellies themselves (totally awesome creatures) it is the way they are set up. The aquarium really puts thought into the presentation of the creatures.
I found this little tile in the sidewalk. Thought it was photo worthy.

Lots of Jellies.

I could have sit and watched the sardines for an hour.

The newer exhibits are seahorses. The varieties of these guys were surprising. I found the seahorses fascinating.

These guys were big and heavy. They live in the mangrove.
In the seahorse exhibit, they have alot of iron work. Just beautiful

More Jellies!

Love the Sardines.

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Trish said...

It was a great time. And you took such great pics! But though no pups where there, we sure talked about them. they are never far.