Friday, June 18, 2010


Procastication: The act of taking a vacation at home (stacation or fitcation) with the intent of completing a series of tasks and ending up not getting anything accomplished.

I'm home for a couple weeks. My plan is to clean out the master closet and build a new one. In addition, I want to finish the wood floors in the living room...oh yeah and really clean the house including a complete clean (get rid of a bunch of stuff) my office.

I did get the dishes done...oh and some laundry, hmmm got the vacuum fixed but haven't really vacuumed anything.....

I have hiked almost every day, hit the gym, stained some lawn furniture, and worked on Fin/Tazz training. Also took the "geriatric" couple to the vet. It is now Friday evening and I feel like I could have done more. I have the entire weekend booked solid so won't get anything done this weekend.

Hopefully next week will see more progress!

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