Monday, April 8, 2013

A Summary of My Weekend

A little crazy, a little fun, good food, good friends, lots a love.

Spent the weekend in Dixon at a 4 day USDAA show.  Friends and I decided to camp.  I got there late on Wed and everyone helped me to set up my Tent and canopy.  Got to sleep at a reasonable time.

Don't these photos show a peaceful camping experience? At 4am woke to have the tent collapsed on my head, a storm raging outside, water coming in on me, and my body laying on the floor (air mat had a leak).  Lovely. 

Now some in this situation would get out of bed and take the dogs and walk through the rain to my friends RV and crash on her couch.  I just pushed Fin and Olive under the water resistant sleeping bag, put the bag over my head and as the tent was flapping around on top of me went back to sleep.

At 5:30 or so, I finally got up (took awhile to extradite myself from the mess. Put on my rain gear, and took dogs potty.  Back at my tent I surveyed the damage, got things moved, and with the electric heater (thank you Jeanine for making sure I had a heater!) started the process of drying everything out by laying my towels everywhere to soak up the water.  Fortunately I only was entered in stuff that was later in the afternoon.  So I had the morning to video other peoples runs, walk my dogs, and survey my damage.

Tent camping when tarps are needed inside the tent...never a good thing.

After I got settled on Thursday, Fin had an excellent jumpers run and I decided to call it a day.  Rain had stopped around noon and things were starting to dry out a bit, I drove over to Walmart and got myself a new bed.  I love my new bed.  My new bed doesn't go flat.  It is tall and I can actually sit on the side of the bed.  My new bed is amazing!  Can you tell I like the new bed.

All the bedding dried out with the heater running all day.  I set up the bed in the middle of the tent, just in case.  Had a great dinner of lasagna and salad, a few glasses of wine, and settled in for a good nights sleep.  Other than having to get dressed to walk the 100 feet to the bathroom multiple times during the night, all three of us slept good and the tent held up.

Four days was fun.  Only got 3 Q's (Standard, Jumpers, Gamble), but Fin ran well and we enjoyed ourselves so much.

Would I do it again.  hmmmmmmm.  Well probably.  It is a lot of work (3 hours to tear down).  But overall I really did love camping. 

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Diana said...

I don't know how you do it. My body hurts when I sleep in a regular bed , I can't imagine sleepung in a tent. You are hard core. Lol