Monday, April 29, 2013

Having a great time at SMART!

A fabulous time at the Salinas Monterey Agility Racing Team (SMART) event.  Loads of fun challenging runs.

Fin and I had some memorable runs, but not many on Video.  The best run of the weekend was a jumpers run.  Smooth and fast.   Just perfect.  Worst run - probably Standard on Saturday...I made so many mistakes that I thought for sure the judge would be kicking me out sooner rather than later.

The competitors were awesome and really came together and worked hard to make sure the trial ran smoothly.  Can't wait till the next one.

Highlight was seeing students running their dogs or just coming by and watching or working their dogs.  Just makes me smile.

One video from the run.  Steeple round 2.  Fun popped a weave just before the Aframe/tunnel combo.  I was rushing ahead to mange her coming out of the tunnel (I think I did that well), but Fin just put her turbo speed on after the weaves and skipped that jump.  Otherwise a beautiful run!

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