Monday, April 8, 2013

Saying Goodbye

The last few months have been difficult for a number of my family and friends with losses of family members and dogs.  My heart has been broken many times and it is difficult to know what to say. 

But now loss has come to my house.  I feel good most of the time and then there are moments that I remember that my dear old man Rocks is no longer at my feet and I am just simply, sad. 

A few minutes later, Fin comes in and barks at me to play, or Olive takes a flying leap and lands in my lap with something rather disgusting all over her body, or Tazzie bounces around behind my chair holds a play bow ready for a game, or Maddie "acks" at me at 5:45 am wanting breakfast, and I am smiling again with joy that my pups bring me.

Rocky was my first agility dog.  He, with his sister Maddie, showed me how much fun training for sport can be.  Although his arthritis and dysplasia prevented much competition, he did compete and we did get loads of ribbons and had great fun.  Even at 13.5 years old if I got out the clicker or his orange ball, he was get so excited to play with me. 

His passing is not a huge surprise. He has been slowing down much of late.  Things changed last Tuesday night and we made the decision Wed morning.  I thank my family, friends, and my vet for their support and understanding.

I'm missing my big man.   

At the beach in Oregon

Always poking his nose to get my attention.

Not to sure about baby Tazz

Always ready for a hike.

Happy smiling boy.

His most favorite spot when I am working. Fin is there now holding his spot for him.

Orange ball.  All is well.

Playing is hard work.

Just a beautiful guy.



Time for play?  No Rocky, I'm working.

More Orange Ball Action

Taken 2 weeks ago.  A very good day.

Happy Dog.

No Tazz.  The Orange Ball is Rocky's.

People often would stop me on walks with Rocky.  He was so incredibly beautiful.

My first agility dog.  Rocky taught me about patience and dog training. 

Before Olive came to stay, out on our deck.

I'm sure Rocky was asking me if I would send Tazz home.

My favorite agility shot of all time.

Thanks to Laura H I have this great drawing of Rocks that is up on my wall.

Playing in the leaves (of course I'm about to toss the Orange ball).

A photo session.  Just a beautiful guy.

Running A frame before it was all the rage!


Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers said...

Vici I am so sorry to hear that you lost Rockie My heart goes out to you both He was such a gentle old guy seems to me the first to accept that crazy little white dog... Hugs Alison

Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers said...

Hi vici I am not sure if my comment went through so I am rewriting it I am so sorry to hear that you lost Rocky He was such a beautiful gentle old soul, seems to me that he was the first to accept that crazy little white dog My hear goes out to you Hugs Alison

corbinwooten said...

What a handsome man. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Diana said...

Oh I'm so sorry. What a flashy boy he was. My heart goes out to you.