Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Peach Cobbler

Just a quick one.  Really proud of my front crosses in this course.  It was a nice smooth course. 

Earlier in the day, Fin had eaten half of a peach cobbler when she escaped my tent and got into our kitchen.  So I think she might have been a little slower than normal and it did help. 

Later in the evening when someone was serving up the peach cobbler for desert, I said, "No thanks, I already had mine."  :) 

The rest of the weekend, whenever I couldn't find Fin, she'd be in the kitchen with my camping mates yelling, "Vici, Fin's in the kitchen AGAIN!!!!!" 

Love my little Finnie Fin Fin.


corbinwooten said...

Great run!

Little Fin is one smart cookie! :)

Diana said...

Very nice run even though she was cobbled. LOL Sneaky dog.