Sunday, April 14, 2013

Darn it all...head cold :(

I blame my husband for this creeping crud!  Olive has no respect for the cold.  She doesn't understand that mom might want to sleep in past 6:15am. 

Waking up to feathers exploding into the air is never a good thing....OLIVE!!!!

Well, at least it did get me up this morning.  Two hours later, after performing surgery on my down comforter, giving the stink eye to my husband for thinking it was funny, and vacuuming up floating bits of feather, I was able to take stock in my life. 

I took Olive outside and tossed the ball for her until she was a happy relaxed girl.  Took Tazz and Fin out and got them playing chase.  Brushed Maddie and gave her a cookie.

Now is me time.  No, Olive, I learned my lesson.  While I nap, you will nap in your crate. 

Kel, for my birthday I'd like a new down comforter please.

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Diana said...

Never a dull moment with dogs.