Saturday, December 26, 2009

The day we woke up and still had christmas shopping to do.

We had a nice quiet Christmas. Really nice. Mom and sis Peg came down for dinner and to trim the tree on Thurs. Ginger beef, a big salad, and rice...yum! Breakfast the next morning, hit the gym, then off to see Avatar (first for mom and sis, second time for me). Home again, sent them on their way, and a nice relaxing evening summed up our Christmas. Next Friday, we have the big Christmas celebration with the entire family coming down. Presents will be opened then.

Today is the first day of Kels vacation so we took a hike. Last hike with Kel at Harvey Bear I was charged by a cow. I have been to Harvey bear since that time, but I will say, I have developed somewhat of a fear of the cows now since my friend was chased by a cow last Wed.

The hike started out GREAT. No cow sign. Just sheltie plumes.

Getting the kinks out of the old bones and burning calories. My kind of fun.

Lots of gates keeping the cows confined. Still no sign of any cows and I was beginning to think that we chose our hike well.
I love a clear day. In the distance we can see the pointy hill and our house is at the base of that hill.

About 3 miles into the hike we are on the loop taking us back to the main trail to go home and what do we see in the road. Pretty much the biggest cow I ever saw in my entire life. He is sitting in an area of the trail that has a huge gully to the right so very difficult to get by.
Well turns out it is a bull not a cow and all around it are cows with babies. I'm like, turn around Kel we have to walk back. It's ok. It is a nice walk with no cows. He is like let's just go forward.
Turns out the big bull wasn't a problem. I had Kel go first (good thinking on my part) and as Kel approached the monster (I made him carry Fin), the big guy got up and took a couple steps. Not quite off the trail, but at least we could get by. However, one of his cows wasn't so nice. As we approached the big guy, she comes trotting down the hill mooing at us. I got so scared, I pick up Tazz and started to run. Kel was just walking by the bull I think just amazed at how big he was and I'm like, "Run Kel, Run!!! She's coming for us!" We jogged about 100 feet and I passed Kel (not easy jogging while carrying Tazz) and Kel stops to look back and says the all clear. We had a few more cow encounters on the way back to the main trail, but no more scary run ins.
They are some scary girl cows for sure.


Elf said...

That's a lot of bull! (So to speak.) Glad you weren't trompled by cows again. I'll have to post my hike photos tomorrow--closest we got to cows was finding old deer prints in dried mud.

Trish said...

Sounds like she didn't want you anywhere near her man!

Cedarfield said...

I used to walk on a friend's family dairy farm and got chased by some heifers (young female cows)once. I told my friend about it and she laughed herself sick. She told me they were just curious and that if you run it just excites them. Just walk away slowly and you should be fine.