Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Enough of all this blogging, I'm not...

...writing another blog until next year. That's it. I'm holding firm. No more blogs. No not gonna do it. Can't make me. I'll be back in 2010, but not before!

An interesting thing happened today. I logged into facebook and found out my nephew (my darling loving nephew who I love dearly) is engaged. Nope, he didn't call anyone. Just posted it on facebook. I'm wondering if the invitations will be through facebook as well. If you want to attend the wedding, just friend him I guess. These times, they are a changing. Sometimes I'm feeling quite old.

This week has been about getting rid of clutter. Clutter I have alot of. Yesterday took EIGHT large boxes to good will. I know that I could find homes for most of this stuff, but I just need to remove it from the house.

Found a few old photos while cleaning. Many memories in this pile of stuff. Some make me smile, some make me sad, some I'm like, "why'd I keep this?" But all of it is good. Been in this house 10 years now and have moved one persons stuff in and collected a few other peoples stuff and just accumulated alot of my stuff. I'm into clean lately so the clutter must go.

The hardest part is that I have made a mess in trying to get the place clean and I have a bunch of people coming over to celebrate Christmas on new years. It is time to stop the organizing and just get the place clean. Oh well. I knew this vacation couldn't go on forever.

Fin's contacts are looking good again. This weekend will be a good test. Next week it is back to regular classes. Can't wait.

Happy Holidays to everyone. I'll be writing more in the new year and send you best wishes for a safe and celebratory new year!


Trish said...

I'll bring the traqualizers with me.

see you in a few short hours!

Elf said...

Funny--my cousin (could be nephew age) announced his engagement on facebook. And they have a wedding web site with all the info on it. We've been speculating as to wehther we'd get actual hardcopy invites or whether the web site is it. We shall see!

Anonymous said...

I got a better one...I found out my son got married on facebook!!!