Sunday, December 27, 2009

today my pups learn patience while I clean my office...

I haven't really cleaned my office in a few years. My office is not only the place I work from, but also the place we toss things when we are cleaning the living areas for unexpected guests...or expected but house cleaning procrastinated.

I'll admit, I don't get rid of things like I should. I just found an entire box of mail from 2001!

Oh well. I am working hard at filling up all of my recycling boxes. I can see that this is not a one day type of job. Decisions about what to keep are difficult and I am leaning heavily on the "we don't need it" scale of decision making.

Hopefully when I am completed, my office will feel new and wonderful, I'll be able to see the floor, and the dogs will have plenty of space to lay their sorry little heads.

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Trish said...

how come there are not photos of the clean office?