Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yee Gads! The days are flying

This year my family is coming down for Christmas on New years. It will be alot of fun as everyone gets to come. Pot luck, Presents, then they'll be on their way. This means we'll celebrate christmas TWICE in 2010. What a happy year it will be.

On Christmas day, my mom and sister are coming down and we'll have a nice dinner. Thurs it is breakfast then a movie. I'm voting to go see Avatar again. We'll see if I win.

In the meantime, Fin's contacts are broken. Broken as broken can be. She thinks her contact is to go as fast as she can (this is a good thing), come off the bottom and lay down....not what I'd expect, but it is what she thinks.

So we are back to basics. My good buddy from the east coast sent me a video of her practicing contacts in the SNOW!!! she had to shovel snow in a path so her dog could find the dog walk. She had to shovel snow so she could run. Her video demonstrates that there is NO excuse. We can get out and have fun with our pups. I don't have to shovel snow, so my contact practice is going to be good!

Work outs have been tough. David is showing me that I can do all kinds of things I didn't think I could do. Skip sideways on the treadmill (mildly dangerous, but he is a skilled professional so I do what he tells me), push ups (yucky, I HATE push ups), suicides (OMG could we make it any more painful...I don't think so), lifting 200 pounds (Oh yeah!), multiple variations of sit ups (ok, I know I've got some ripped abs under my belly fat!), and other painful exercises of his own making.

Trick videos are coming. Just haven't had time to play with the camera.

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Trish said...

And you for got shopping in January!!!