Friday, December 11, 2009

New Coat for a Hair Challenged Sheltie

Fin's new coat arrived in the mail yesterday. It is a Zen Tek. It is supposed to be an all purpose, heat, cold, water resistant, do it all, coat. I met Janice Kajanoff at the USDAA Nationals for the second time. I had seen her at an AKC even prior to that, but didn't have my visa card with me. She is a really nice lady and knows her business. She will work hard to fit your dog into the correct coat...she is not a one size fits all kind of business woman.
I'm not really a huge proponent of coats for dogs. Tazz doesn't really need one. He has enough hair for two shelties. Fin on the other hand is quite thin and she just doesn't have that "famous" sheltie undercoat. I am not complaining. I LOVE her easy to keep wisps, but I notice that she has been getting a little chilly at some shows. I worry about keeping her warmed up for the agility runs.

I had been looking at alot of coats and I wanted one that was really easy to take off and put on. One that did not inhibit front end movement. One that would grow with her if she put on any weight. Something not too heavy, but still made of material that would last.
The new coat is all that and purple too! Fin seems to like it (she is sleeping with it on right now), or rather I should say she is unfazed by it. Doesn't seem to notice that she has a coat on. This coat is extremely easy to put on and take off. Janice custom fit it when we were at the USDAA nationals and put an opening so that I could use it with her harness. If you are looking for a long term coat solution, I recommend this coat. So far, so good.

These coats are on the higher end side of dog coats, but for Fin I think this is well worth it.

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