Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A beautiful fall day and a tricky Trkman tonight

Another beautiful fall afternoon at the teams secret hideout. Ok, maybe it isn't too much of a secret, but we like it anyway.

The leaves are falling and darn it, we can't help but get out there and play in those leaves. No raking for this family, we LOVE the leaves.

We all get into the whole leaf experience. Perhaps not as pretty as the east coast and other parts of the country, but we love our leaves.

Rocky would rather have balls fall from the sky than leaves. But whatever. The leaves are pretty and crunch when you walk on them.

Some like the leaves more than others. Maddie is looking for the last of the pears that have fallen from the sky recently. Fortunately for her diet, there are fewer pears in December.

Fin loves the leaves. She likes the crunching and swishing sound they make when she runs. She also is now attacking the leaves as we walk. Notice the pictures of Fin are her NOT standing still. Hmmm....

Tonight we are headed out for an evening seminar by that trickster Silvia Trkman. We'll see what tricks she has up her sleeve and try to come home to practice over the next couple days. Since I also need to fix my weaves AND my contacts, it is a busy week for training.

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Trish said...

I love family photos