Monday, November 30, 2009

The Team Visits with Silvia Trkman!

Edited: Thanks to Laura from team small dog we got a picture!!! She posted a bunch on facebook.

Someone forgot to check the batteries in the camera so no pictures of Silvia. However, I know of a few other bloggers out there that were taking pictures and if you visit them (team small dog, Taj Mutthall) you may see a few photos of the event.

She set up some really tough sequences. One of the first things she said was, "if these aren't tough enough, I can make them harder." Since I was at that point trying to figure out how in the heck Fin and I were going to make it through, I did not think it needed to be tougher.

If the goal was to show your weakness so that she would be able to help out, I achieved my goal. Fin had no contacts, couldn't finish her weaves unless I was right there and I was late, late, late, and even later. Oh vey!

Basically what she did was evaluate the path you chose to run your dog and show you a better path (this usually involved the handler being somewhere they weren't the first time). Every person improved their line due to her advice. Even top handlers that were there benefited from her eye.

I didn't think her advice was totally new. What was new was the way she set up the course to challenge us. Weave entries were really troublesome and exits weren't much better.

For me, basically the advice was to:

  • Move smoothly (I tend to run fast and stop). My motion was pulling Fin out of weaves and she wanted me to move quickly but more consistently.

  • Timing needs to be better. I need to be aware of my timing and how it is effecting her line (wide turns).

  • Run faster. Hmmm. where have I heard that before.

  • Send on straight aways, keep closer on tight turns. She is in a position to help her dog in turns. She wants our position to be in a place to guide more than I was today.

  • Independent obstacles. Hmm. I thought were were better than we were today. Some body better get out there at noon and do some training!

All in all some really tough courses and some sage advice. I had a great time even if I was late on a serp and fell in front of EVERYONE AND my friends took photos!


Johann The Dog said...

Glad you had some fun with Silva! I think she has a great eye and a unique perspective. So positive and fun. Great tips you have there. Thanks for sharing your day and what you learned!

team small dog said...

Hi Vici-I put some photos of you in Facebook! Thanks for taking photos of us. It was HARD! But very, very fun.