Sunday, November 22, 2009

The times they are a changing...

Love me some Bob Dylan!
So yesterday I realize that Thurs is Thanksgiving. All my thoughts have been on Nationals and I had put the whole holiday thingy on the back burner.
Last year I PROMISED myself that I would have my holiday shopping completed by TG. I'm not sure I'm going to meet my goal. As a matter of fact. I'm pretty much certain that I will not have finished my holiday shopping.

I will host TG this year. 17 of my dearest loving helpful adoring civil good looking relatives, a couple friends tossed into the mix, and we are sure to have a fun time. I'll be cooking up a 20 pound Turkey and the basic trimmings. I try to keep in mind my healthy life style, but also that I have young healthy relatives that like to eat. It will be a balance.

The pups enjoy TG as they get a nice long walk in the morning (so they'll be tired and not under foot - unless your name is Tazz). This way I won't feel bad if I have to put someone (not to name names, but Rocky) in a crate for barking at children and aunt Pat, or someone else (Fin) for fear barking at the children - who she does not recognize as human beings - in her crate for a time out. When the evening rolls around, all the relatives except for the mom unit will be gone and the pups will get another romp (usually chuck-it) in the back or a long walk.

I enjoy TG as I really do like to cook it. I enjoy feeding my family and find that the mess for this meal is not so bad.

We also celebrate all the B-days during the year that we have not been able to celebrate (there are about six). And we do a fish bowl raffle with all the junk nobody wants but everyone puts in a raffle ticket for.

A good holiday...maybe my favorite of the year.


Trish said...

twice baked potatos?

vici whisner said...

Yes. Those famous potatoes will make an appearance. As usual they have a habit of disappearing so grab them while you can.

Today a baked cookies. Yes OMG! real cookies. From scratch. New neighbors. Going to give them some scrumptious yummies from the kitchen. Hoping they will love us since we will be living next to each other....and dogs bark at their dogs who bark we need to butter them up.