Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Baaaaak!

Home from the USDAA Nationals. Had a great time. Stayed in an RV literally yards away from ring 6. I felt so special being so close to the action. Found I was incredibly relaxed (except for about 30 minutes before each run!).
Tazz and Fin enjoyed the RV. They were good puppies the entire week.

I covered all the furniture as they sat in every chair.
It was like goldie locks and the three bears. They wanted to know which surface was the most comfy. They decided the bed.
All in all I consider the trip a success although Fin and I weren't as successful as I wanted to be in all our runs. We did do really well the first day coming in 13th, but the rest of the time we had moments of brilliance, but didn't go clean the rest of the week.
I was able to spend alot of time enjoying watching some really great handlers and dogs, and also spent time relaxing reading, walking, and just hanging out.
Now we are back, I am working on a list of training goals. Certainly continuation of my obstacle independence is really important, but also, going wide and around things is a high priority. In two runs, we had problems as I took my eye off her for a moment and she was around the obstacle before I realized it.
It is good to be home and I highly recommend going to the USDAA nationals as an experience. All we did was team (no GP or Steeplechase) and although I thought it was silly at first to do this and not be in the "big" events, I am so happy I did.
I totally missed my best friend as she was unable to come, but it was nice hanging with other people and relaxing at the trailer was fun too. It is good to be back, but I was certainly getting used to walking every morning and going out and hanging with good people doing great agility.

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Trish said...

Nice to have you home and safe!!! Next year it will be a caravan!