Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm off. No time for blogging it. I'm slogging through the last of my work, cleaning house, bathing dogs, packing, and trying not to bring the entire house.

Dreams consist of me showing up at the site and an empty trailer is sitting in the parking lot and when I walk in it is gutted and the end is open. I walk around trying to find the lady that I rented the RV from, and there doesn't seem to be anybody there and no one I know is there. I might even be there at the wrong time and totally missed the dog show. In my dream I'm frustrated and confused. I wake up and think about lists of crap I may want....I know I'm taking too much.

If I can I will update the blog with reports from the site...but we'll see how it goes.

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Elf said...

I'm laughing at your nightmare because of what happened to me and Debbie last year when we rented a trailer. It was there, sure. But it had simply been dropped off and not set up at all. It was after midnight and we were really tired. We called the landlord and a guy came out who was just the assistant and didn't usually do set-ups on his own and wasn't entirely sure how things worked or where they went. Tried to hook up the water and had problems and asked whether we minded going without water until the following afternoon. I guess our hostile stares convinced him that he needed to do something right then. He wasn't sure he could hook up the electricity but finally did. Gave us bedding for the beds but didn't make them up for us. I believe that there was a propane connection for hot water and the connector on that was bent and he couldn't figure it out that evening. I don't remember exactly whether we had any dishes and cups that night; I think he had to go retrieve some of those. There was still something that he had to set up the following day. He was finally done well after an hour after we arrived.

So something could be screwed up! But I hope that at least the end of your trailed hasn't blown off and that hte dog show is still going on when you get there. ;-)