Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm not sure, but there might be a pattern developing in my handling.

I ran two dogs this weekend. Granted, I may not have been my best, but out of all my runs, both dogs had off course tunnels that ruined otherwise nice runs. Hmmm. My dogs love 'em some tunnels.

There were moments of brilliance, but yet again, problems in each run.

Tazzie: Overall, Tazzie was a good boy. He had some of the best runs he has had in a long time. Unfortunately he was in a rush to get to the cookie stash at the end and in two of his otherwise amazing runs and skipped the last jump to find his cookie.

Fin: I wasn't the best handler this weekend. That said, there were some high points but I don't think I've had such low points with Fin in a long time. I read Laura's blog this morning. It sorta sums up my feeling as well. One day, it is my hope, that I will stop screwing up out there!

My cold is almost gone. A lingering cough to remind me that I was indeed sick. But not sick enough as an excuse. I am NOT looking forward to getting those videos and the realization that I'll be able to watch it over and over again...oh the horror of it all.


Elf said...

Someday I hope my handling will improve, too. :-) I was lucky enough to see a couple of your runs this weekend, and really you look great out there with your dogs. It's disappointing to not get the Qs (believe me I know), but think about how far you've come and what wonderful dogs you've got. (I always tell myself that and sometimes it helps.) You're really in there with the good handlers (and so is Laura), but most of us beat ourselves up about the mistakes we make that we think we should've known better. One just does the best one can, then adds the Learning Experience to one's bag of tricks for the future.

Trish said...

Glad to have you back on your feet. Remember if it was easy you'd have to find a new hobby and we are all afraid of what you'd come up with next!