Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On the Road Again...

The USDAA Nationals are here. We leave in one week. The schedules are out and I'm getting excited. My dream of competing at Nationals is upon me, and I feel inadequate to the task. I'm sure once I'm there, it will all come together, but today I would describe my enthusiasm as nervous excitement with a touch of nausea.

Looks like I walk early mornings but don't run till late afternoons. Ten minutes to walk courses at 7:30am and then think about it all day running late afternoons. Fun times.

Good news is that my RV is right there by the rings. I can take long walks and then sit and watch all the other dogs run to finalize my plans (or run in to toss my cookies just before a run!).

My team is awesome. We all want to make the finals, but none of us expect that. We expect that our baby dogs will come in with a few E's and that's OK with us. We are there to have fun.

My plan is to leave early Tues morning and drive straight through (11-12 hours). I've got books on tape and will stop every 2 - 3 hours to walk the pups and hit the restroom. I've decided to take Tazz even though he isn't running and can be a pain. I just can't imagine 1 week away from my snuggle buns. Fin, if given a vote, would probably rather bring Maddie, but I'm making the decisions, so Tazz is joining the party.

Not sure about Internet, but I'll try to report every day.

Today I must focus on work, make lists of what I'm bringing, and not worry so much.


Marie said...

Have a great trip. I'm sure you and Fin will do just great!

Trish said...

no puking in the ring, its fround on.

Elf said...

There is a Starbucks store in the same shopping center as the Safeway (I think it's a safeway) south of westworld, across the main street where you exit the freeway to get there. It has free wifi for AT&T customers if you have a log-in.

Treat the trip as a complete lark, and it'll be easier on you and you'll probably do better if you can trick yourself into thinking of it as just your normal average everyday fun match. Good luck!