Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Team Visits an Equine Facility.. the middle of nowhere, California.
We went for an agility trial. For the AKC. Four runs, one Q. But that Q was a good one.
This was one nice place. Fin and I walked alot as there was much waiting for our turn. Neither of us minded. We enjoy our walks.

We got to see babies! These little tykes were probably only 8 or 9 months old. Fin wasn't too sure that she wanted to get close. But far away was ok.

The walks were tree lined.
We even walked with friends who took our picture.
Fin was trying to mimic the big bull standing in front of the bullish on America sign. She wasn't too impressed.

What impressed Fin were the leaves. She could NOT get enough of the leaves. The wind was pretty terrible on Saturday and all the leaves had gotten blown into these huge piles like snow drifts. Fin was all about the leaves.
We walked all over. This area was for eventing. Fin had to show that the jumps aren't "that" high. The ground had chips or saw dust on it and was really spongy. I bet the horses think it is heaven.
Oh, I almost forgot, we were there for an agility trial! It was in the indoor arena and even though it was a bit cold, it was really nice. Fin had nice runs, but mistakes took us out of the running in all but one.
She's like, why didn't you tell me the correct way Mama? Yeah, right. It's all "my" fault! Fin is still a rock star. I can't fault her for having a GREAT time.

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