Monday, November 23, 2009

Just when you thought it was over...

...there is a plethora of dog agility happenings going on in my neck of the world.
  • Nov 28/29 AKC trial
  • Nov 30 Silvia Trkman seminar the entire week
  • Dec 5/6 AKC trail
  • Dec 7 Marco Mouwen seminar for one day
  • Dec 12-13 the Screaming Monkeees will make an appearance at a USDAA team trial (Laura made these really cool T shirts for us...for the future, want a cool T shirt? Team up with Laura Harwick of team small dog. She is amazing!)

Yikes. I was feeling like I wasn't doing much agility. I guess I'm putting that thought to rest. When the heck am I getting all that Christmas shopping done? Gotta ask myself these tough questions.

Today I made cookies for my new neighbor. I haven't delivered them yet as I went over (saw all kinds of cars in the driveway) and no one answered. I haven't actually seen any humans over there. Maybe they are vampires....vampires that own boxers...ok, maybe they aren't vampires. But why don't I ever see them. Only hear their dogs.

I ask myself what they must think of me. All they hear is me calling my dogs, yelling, "Teeter!," "Tunnel," and "Weave, Weave, Weave, Weave!" They also hear, "No bark!" followed by alot of barking...hmmm gotta work on that one.

So I hope to deliver cookies real soon. But I'm only giving these cookies to humans. These are really good cookies!


Johann The Dog said...

Ha! Maybe you'll turn them into agility converts :) Are you attending Sylvia seminar? We did her's a couple of years ago...loved it!

vici whisner said...

Yep, I'm signed up for Sylvia's seminar. Can't wait. I'm also hoping that the neighbors see the agility stuff and say, "We love agility!"

We'll see. Tonight (after dark) I saw a car arrive...supporting my vampire suspicions. Maybe they'll be there for TG and I can walk over.

My buddy mentioned that perhaps people that purchase a house with gates don't want their neighbors going around said gates to ring the front doorbell. I say, what are neighbors for but to disturb restful relaxation. If they only knew me, they'd love me.

Elf said...

I can relate to the "no bark" followed by lots of barking. Also I'd bet that any new neighbor, gates or not, would love getting fresh cookies.

Trish said...

What your not running off to agility at 2pm on TG?