Thursday, November 26, 2009

Team Whisner is Thankful

The team had the family over for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. One poor 20 pound turkey was scarfed up by 16 adults and one young'un. Maddie is hopeful for scraps from Eve. Eve is new to our group and Maddie decided early on that she was an easy mark. I think she was right. If you look close, Fin is at Eve's feet. Hmmm Eve, I think both girls are work'n you good with those cute faces.
We had an 18th for dinner! Oh no! I didn't have silverware for the 18th. Luckily Dory didn't want to use silverware, and her tummy is about as big as a teaspoon. She enjoyed her visit. We put the "boyz" in the back so she could have a few moments of peace.

A tradition at our family gatherings is to bring "crap" you don't want and we have a raffle. Everyone gets tickets and they put their tickets in cups. We then draw tickets and the winner gets to take someone else's crap, now their treasure home. This works really well unless I put items in that Kel wins....then not so much.
Fortunately, this day, all crap donated went home with someone else. I won some tissue paper, a hot plate, and some gum. Not all items are crapalicous, notice the DVR player and I really wanted those knit caps...

After a full meal, a busy 30 minutes of pulling tickets, our young'n rested a while with the boyz. I love the expression.

All in all a fun day. A good meal. But most of all, a wonderful visit with some truly great folks.

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Peggy said...

Vici, I love your blog...Always a joy