Friday, December 4, 2009

Tricks are Facinating...

Went to tricks seminar last night (auditor) and watched some fun stuff.

Silvia uses shaping and some lure, but mostly shaping. She is all about small steps. We were introduced to all kinds of fun stuff:
  • grabbing a pole, soda can, stuffed toy and holding it
  • walk backwards up a wall and do hand stands
  • penguin walk
  • sit up and wave both paws
  • go from sit up to stand up and back to sit up
  • back up through your legs
  • jump into your arms
  • leap off your body
  • shake your head

She is working on teaching her dogs to clean her house! Can't wait for that video.

All of these are done using shaping. Her little dog La is SOOOOO fast and trys about a billion different behaviors before I can identify one. Silvias timing is incredibly good. I took the clicker for my friend and was supposed to click when "SpaceMonkey" lifted her rear paw. She would lift her paw and I would instantly click and I still found my clicking was on the foot going down. I found I had to almost "predict" when I thought she would lift her foot and then my click would happen correctly. Really fun stuff.

No pictures...just too dark for my puny little camera. But look forward to fun tricks video. I'm inspired.

This week I have watched absolutely no TV. No time. I was busy every evening. I didn't miss the TV, but I did miss my sleep. Looking forward to some rest this weekend...oh wait, I'm headed out for another agility trial!

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