Monday, May 24, 2010

Another little remodel project...

"Where's the carpet? I want carpet!" Fin whines from the sofa.
I do like remodeling. I especially like the results. After finishing the downstairs bathroom (which looks lovely), we went ahead with the living room/dining room floors. This had been the plan since I did the hallway about 11 years ago...just never got around to it.
One of the reasons we hadn't gotten around to it was because it is freak'n hard work. I simply don't want to give up my nights and weekends to lay hardwood anymore. Now that I have dog agility, my free time is limited. So our buddy Greg (who most recently did the bathroom), came in and saved the day. If he hadn't showed up, we'd still have the wood piled up in the entry way.

Before he came, my friend and I thought we'd save some time and pull up the carpets ourselves (THANKS LAURA and KELVIN!!). While they were here, I said, "Let's pull the paneling off the fireplace. I hate it!
Ok, I know it sounds crazy now, but at the time... so we did. What we found was that under the paneling was old barn siding. It looked like there was good drywall under the old barn siding so...we started to pulling the barnsiding off. Unfortunately we didn't realize that the barn siding was sorta BEHIND the fireplace so we broke the bricks getting the barn siding off.
Now the truth about home improvement rears it's ugly head. "Nothing is ever as simple as it first seemed."

In the end we refaced the fireplace...well ok, Greg refaced it after he fixed the bricks that Laura and I broke and secured the fireplace to the wall.
I have to say, it looks really nice. We still need a mantel, but wowza! what a difference.


Brittany said...

It looks wonderful!

Trish said...

It does look great! how many years before the mantel goes in?

Anonymous said...

This is a little bit freaky.

We have sibs. We have the same taste in mission furniture (although our sofa has a different pattern. What else is going to be the same????

Your remodel looks great, glad you are having fun with it!