Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A big adventure that results in a happy ending and me sitting on the ground crying

I NEVER leave the dogs outside when I go places. I'm paranoid. I know. Friends make fun of me.

I have two layers of fence. One inner fence to keep the dogs out of the agility area and an outer fence made of redwood that is relatively new.

Most people leave their dogs out all the time.

Today I left for 2 hours. I took Fin. Rocky has been bothered by the hammering that is going on in my living room (Greg Leal installing wood floors). While the construction is going on, I work in my office with the door closed and Rocky has been very happy sitting outside my office on the deck.

I thought to myself. I'll leave my office door open. Rocks likes to sleep on the deck out there away from the banging. Nothing is going to happen, he is not going anywhere. Everyone had been exercised and I figured they'd sleep while I was gone.

I get home and Rocky is NO WHERE to be found. Tazzie is here. Maddie is here. Fin was with me, so no worries there. Where is Rocks?

I run out to the front asking Greg if he has seen Rocky. He (of course) is concerned and says he only had the gate open for a few minutes to toss trash in the back and never touched the inner fence. Somehow, Rocky found a way to get through the inner fence and took the opportunity while Greg was tossing trash to sneek out. No way did I ever think that any of the dogs would be out in the yard so I didn't even think to tell the guys to be careful with the gate.

I take off up the hill (our usual walk) and Greg jumps in his truck and takes off in the other direction.

The good news, Greg found him. He was behind a fence (someone must have found him and put him there). He must have been out a while as he was covered in fox tails.

Poor guy is exhausted. He was really stressed when Greg found him and did not want Greg picking him up, but Greg was NOT going to let Rocky walk home. Poor Greg has scratches all over his arms, but I know he is happy too. THANK YOU GREG!!!

After Rocky was safe home, I burst out crying....I guess the stress caught up with me.

I am so happy that everyone is safe. I will NEVER leave that back door open for them when I am not home AGAIN! Learned my lesson for sure.


team small dog said...

I am glad you guys found him!

I have the same paranoia about leaving dogs outside. Well, and also sometimes spontaneous howling festivals.

Gustavo is a cunning escape artist, and Otterpop has evil master plans and I worry she would command everyone to stack patio furniture up and on to the roof and Gustavo would escape via shimmying down the camelia tree and maybe run straight off a cliff or get adopted by the kids around the block or the first person he sees and Otterpop would sit on the roof and howl and Ruby would just explode from their naughtiness.

Judy Calvo said...

So happy Rocky is back safely! I do understand how stressfull that situation can be. Our Aussie, Sheba, is always in the back yard while we are away. When she was about 3 months old, and we were gone, she somehow got out. When we got home and didn't see her out back we all took off in different directions to look for her (panicked, of course). I opened the front door to go look for her and there she was, just sitting on the doorstep. I yelled for my husband and son, who were just as surprised that our young puppy waited on the front doorstep for us (who knows for how long). Now that she is 2 years old, she follows my husband around as he does yardwork. Just the other day, he went from the front to the back yard through the garage and didn't leave the door open behind him. She layed by the closed door until I went out to change laundry (again, who knows how long). The garage door was wide open and she could have taken off, but didn't. I guess we are REAL lucky!