Thursday, May 13, 2010

You know it is summer when I start talking about my shearing techniques...

Tazzie's beauty is undeniable. He has one hecka good looks. However, he swims. Fabio hair doesn't much help a 21 pound sheltie when it starts to work against him in the pool. Also, no matter what anyone says about hair keeping him cooler as well as warmer, Tazzie is just happier during the summer with the buzz cut.
In the past, me cutting Tazzie has been somewhat of a joke amongst my friends. Ok, well maybe my "mad skills" haven't really been up to snuff. This year however, I think I'm getting somewhere.

Ok, well maybe I have a ways to go, but I will say, he is looking rather "cute" these days.
And what did my husband say upon seeing Tazzies buzz cut this year? "Well, I see that since I won't let you have a puppy, you are making one."

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Trish said...

I looks professional!