Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Golden Bra

In 2004 a little merl pup came to Morgan Hill to live. She was feisty from the get go. Anytime an agility handler brings home a pup, we have stars in our eyes for the promise of potential that the pups give us.
Tazzie got a new best friend. My buddy Laura got what we now refer to as "The Golden Bra."
Contact Point's In Your Face "Brazen" just got ADCH Gold. She is 5 years young.
Who would have thought way back when the dog that stalked pumpkins would turn into a Q'ing machine.
The journey hasn't all been easy for this wonderful team. But Laura has persevered to be an amazing agility handler giving Brazen the edge she needed to turn Gold.
Way back when, Tazzie's BFF and he would run and play chase.
Today, they still have each other's back and are partners in crime.
Congrats to Laura and Brazen!


laurapryse said...

Awww...such memories! Thanks for the tribute Vici. You're the best. :)

Laura P

Megumi said...

Hi. I have Brazen's same litter Rod. He lives in Tokyo. I enjoyed your pics. And I like your Blog. Thanks!


vici whisner said...

Thanks Megumi! I LOVE your Rod. I still remember how sweet all the puppies where.