Sunday, May 9, 2010

I wanted an ADCH but what I got was an OUCH

Logically I know that I can not plan out my agility future. For me agility is for the fun not the titles. Always has been.

But running Fin this past year has given me hope that we will be able to get titles that I once thought would be out of my grasp. I know I'll get those titles.

As she and I begin our getting back in shape for agility training:
  • recalls (to side and to front)
  • heeling
  • fast walking circle work
  • etc.

I think about how lucky I am. Fin is a one in a million and it is my job to take care of her.

Tazzie is also one in a million. He makes me laugh, makes me feel loved above all others, and is loyal to a fault. He might not be the fastest dog out there (ok, he probably more like one of the slowest) but he is all mine.

Maddie is the sweetest dog ever. As she moves to 11 years old, she is totally deaf. She lives in her own little world and lots of times doesn't seem aware of what's happening around her. Then there are moments during the day that she is there 100% and it is joyful.

Rocks is my loyal companion. My big guy who sticks with me no matter what. The joy radiates from him when I bring out the "orange" ball. It is contagious.

Yes, Fin is gonna turn 3 and I haven't gotten my ADCH yet. But I have so much more.


Trish said...

She's tough, she looked great on Sunday. That girl is ready to get back in the game... and so is her mommy I think

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain...I wanted an ADCH too! I'm sure you and Fin will be back in top shape soon. Keep up the good work.