Friday, May 7, 2010

Four weeks and counting or "can I run yet?"

Works been real busy. Big deadline looming. Work'n hard.
Visit with Dr. Sam's at 28 days. Very good news. Fin is progressing. She is not well yet. However, her soreness is significantly reduced and she is clear for some additional therapy. This week I get to slowly introduce boxes (she walks from one to the other). This will provide her with the opportunity to use her leg. Still no specific work on the leg, no running, no free play. Just her walks.

Next week we get to start trot work. In addition I need to start hiking up hills again. They want me to continue my 2 mile on the flat, but add hill work to the mix (maybe a mile to start). They suggested that she be on a flexi so she can walk back and forth on the hill and even trot a little. Laura has offered to jog with her (on the flat - no one is stepping up to volunteer running up hill yet!).
Still can't play with the other dogs. Too soon. Could re injure herself.

I'm very optimistic. Things are looking good.
Next check in five weeks. June 10. If all goes well, she'll be able to be re-introduced to agility equipment then.

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