Monday, June 13, 2011

Adrift on a Sea of Fun

A busy but fun weekend.  Sat was a delightful party at my sisters.  Her son is getting married!  His fiance is wonderful and her family is very nice.  My sister gave her a wedding shower and what fun we had!  We played the create a wedding dress with blue table cloths and paper streamers.  My team went the western route and the other team went for the eastern traditional Sari... so ok, theirs was better...but we did have a mighty nice outfit.

The food was good and we headed south to Morgan Hill afterwards where we attended closing night of Kel's play "Curtains."  Kel is really hysterical

Sunday I woke up and after getting my mom on the road, left for Palo Alto and did one day of the AKC.  The weather was wonderful (in the 80's) and I camped with my bud Laura who had set up the day before.  In the ring around 9:30 and and a nice jumpers run.  a little late on my first FC.  Purposly late on my second, tradgically late on my third.  But would have Q'd if she didn't pop out at 10 on her weavies.

Standard was a fun course.  Despite not staying on the teeter we were clean through 12.  She needed to stay on the A until I could get by her to serp to the tunnel, but she came off on my motion and ended up going off course so I just ran it out.

This week I will work on proofing those weaves, holding those contacts, and oh, forgot to mention that startline!  Next week another local trial (I'm so blessed).  Of to lovely Scotts Valley for a fun 2 day AKC.   I like this venue as they have a wonderful little walking area around the neighborhood.  A good place to hang out with friends and enjoy the wonderful weather.

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Kathy said...

What a great camera angle on the second video, perfect place to see those gorgeous weaves ;-). Looks like a great weekend. A wedding in the family sounds like fun. ;-)