Monday, June 6, 2011

What can I learn from a 5 of 6 weekend?

Step one to Nationals: Get into Exc B. DONE.

As many of us know, AKC Nationals will be in Reno, NV this year. Just a hop, skip, and a good poker hand away from Fin and I's abode. I am going whether I qualify or not. Too close not to go. I already have rooms booked. It will be Agility all day, every day, for three days.

My hope, and the hopes of many of my friends, is that we qualify to actually participate. Wouldn't that be a kick?

To that end, all of a sudden AKC has become somewhat popular and I am enjoying the experience. Sometimes it is a long day to run twice, but hanging out with friends is fun.
Step two: Get fit. Working on it.
Step three: Six double Q's

I am going to as many AKC as I can between weddings, parties for weddings, work, and other obligations. Hopefully I will be able to tick these double Q's off before the cut off in November.

A few things I learned this weekend:
  • Weave to triple/spread issue.  Not sure if it was because I was excellerating and she was herding me, or she truly avoided the spread. But this week on my list is weaves to spreads.
  • Startline.  I have a fabulous startline.  She is so pretty sitting there.  Until I don't.  She sat 5 of 6.  Going to reinforce startline this week.
  • Contacts.  Perhaps contacts will be a lifetime thing. Fins contacts are fast and fabulous...but sometimes she is not sticking them.  This week, get out there and proof.
  • Jumping.  I can not find fault with her jumping.  She is taking things with confidence and good form.  However, she checks in with me alot (due to me being behind her!) and I want her looking ahead more...our times will get better.  This week, work some go ons and reward before the head check.
Love me some little Fin agility!


Diana said...

Awesome runs!!!

Cynthia said...

Oh I hope you go! My goal is to go to qualify Jet for AKC nationals in 2013. He's still in Exc A so I don't think we'd make it for 2012... and yes Reno is fairly close to us too! But I'll just plop him on a plane if it's east in 2013. :)

Anonymous said...

That will be so awesome if you and Fin get to run at Nationals. You girls rock!